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This blog is moving to a new machine tonight. I'm updating the DNS now. You may experience some slight problems in accessing it. Apologies in advance. Thanks.


Are you changing your ISP ?
I'm currently shopping for some cost-effective rackspace for a personal server in a colocation center in the continental US — preferably within driving distance of Manhattan.

I've also been looking at some dedicated server offerings all over the US, e.g. near Washington, or in Texas, or on the West coast, and would be interested in any recommendations or horror stories, e.g. of ServerBeach's service... :-)

I've only done sort of thing a couple of times, so I don't know much about it, but I usually worry less about problems accessing the site (which with luck can be seamless), and more about comments being posted to the old machine after the data's been copied across, but before the change has propogated.

Tonight, whose time? Japan or whatever time zone Joi is in at the moment? This is kind of a global site :-)

Joi: Given your background with education in the US, I thought you might appreciate this:

US Government: 71% of college graduates can't read proficiently.

MV: Just changing IP addresses actually.

Joi Ito: As you have made it interestingly.