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I just finished my keynote for the 22C3 conference. I'd been mulling over what to talk about from about 2AM or so this morning. After reading the program and the amazing breadth of the 150 or so talks and imagining the 3000 leet hackers that I would be talking to, I decided to put together a brand new talk hitting a lot of the points that often skip because they are controversial or difficult for me to discuss. I was a bit nervous kicking off what I think is one of the most important conference I go to. I am happy to report that it was the best crowd ever. ;-)

Although there is a bit of preaching to the choir, (I got cheers for just saying "open network"), judging from the hallway conversations I had afterwards, it was a smart and motivated crowd and I'm honored and happy that I was able have people's attention to allow me to talk about some of what I believe are the most important things going on right now.

The Syncroedit guys set up an instance for my talk where you can see my notes and things others have said. (Use Firefox please.) Please feel free to add stuff. It's still a test install and fragile so please don't try to break it. It's not a challenge. ;-)

Anyway. Thanks much to everyone at 22C3 for the invite and look forward to spending the rest of the week hanging out with everyone.

A video of the presentation should soon be up at


Joi, I'd love to hear the speech. Is there an ogg vorbis, mp3 or other generally compatible media format around? The video on tu-ilmenau seems to be some kind of MS Mediaplayer 9 stream. (big german IT publishing company) has a summary at and it sounds like a talk that speaks my mind.

- Nils

hey Joi, sorry I missed your talk, if you're bored and wanna chat w/ a long timer reader of this blog, stop by the NOC.

Would be good to get the video as a downloadable. Having this kind of thing as a stream isn't very useful :(

(I'd be happy to mirror if needs be...)

Now that's just why I love weblogs. Reading the article at, I thought, well, interesting, but those were just the facts. Since I know your blog I came here - et voila, I get a personal impression about the speech. How great is that? ;-)

joi: totally modern !! :)-
The feeds are great !! I never realized that your were keynote speaker !!
1)whatwas the blickin center ??
2)"we had changes to the fireplan-speaker could notcome !!"
big deal :)-
3)the angels are great....I think they are doing a great job...kudos to them
4)are they selling the big black book ??
5) the 1042 line is great , did anyone ever use those lines eh

Joi:what did you mean, that msft has the monoploy ??
and i do like the fact that "companies adopt the personality of individuals"- how true !

another good quote "money is lonely" !!

what doyou mean when you say "false postives"?? this is intriguing term
I agree with you on the days of the lawless on th einternet is over !! yeah, anonomity is the boogyman, which we should aspire for !!

this is great talk..more later

.. I especially liked your slide - "Democracy is broken" ;), true words, and I understand you being passionate about your quite controversial opinions as they are pretty much the same than mine.

thanks for the keynote and watch out for the lightsaber in hackcenter ;)

/pd: false positives are people who get flagged as "positives" IE people who end up on no-fly lists or security screening, or even get arrested when in fact they are innocent.

As someone not part of any of this, I thought the speech was great but the audience were dreadful. What's with getting up and walking out when you were encouraging questions? And why was there only one question? Is it because the ideas you presented are nothing new to them? And if so, what was the point in speaking to them? Your take on how it went down was at odds with what I saw.

Not really sure why people started to get up and leave, but the lecture started late because of technical problems and the next lecture was about to start. Also, it turns out people were lined up at another microphone which was broken... but yeah, it was a bit weird.

Without risk there is no faith, and the greater the risk the greater the faith.
—Sören Kierkegaard

Dissent Protects Democracy; keep up the great role of dissent

Next year will be bigger than ever. Take it easy, run a risk, have fun, go for it!

CODA: Hope gives us the capacity to see beyond the mundane and the inconsequential. It motivates us to contemplate preferred realities, by never defining the future on the basis of present circumstances. Hope teaches us to not allow our past to destroy our future. It is audacious and bold. Our present realities should never define our consciousness. But the consciousness of hope should shape and define our ultimate realities.

Well we had to leave because of the next speech. The problem is, if you dont get to the hall early because of the crowd you dont get a chance to sit (or even watch).

I did not now you also took part in creative commons. I compose music and only way for me to release it is using the share music license. It is excellent.

btw. it was interesting to hear about "overconspiracy"

In former forums, I have seen the same thing happen. During the Q/A session there are no Q !! Why, I think primarly, the psych of the hacker is never to ask in public. Its only when they all developed a level of comfort communications, will one on one direct talk take place. I have seen this type of behavoiur in other forums , which were technical in nature. As this as not a technical note, there would have been very few questions. Secondly, there was a lot of thinslicing of time taking place too, from what I understand.

Also, Tim's video on his computer wasn't working and we started quite late... so he was rushed and I was rushed and we ate up what was supposed to be a 15 min or so cushion.

Joi Ito said : "Voice is more important than votes"

The debate is an institutionalized social tool to make society possible. The debate make it possible to have a political culture instead of living in a state of quarreling, repression and/or revolution where viewpoints are constantly in an eristic power struggle for dominance.

loosely related... a short story for the holidays: The Ghosts of Internet Time

I just saw a video stream of your keynote at the 22c3. I loved it! Thank you! I wish I would have made it to the congress this year - your talk alone (and of course the possibility to talk with you) would have been worth it. Thanks!

hey all,
the stream is downloadable (still wmv) from here:


I watched the video stream of your keynote and I loved it too; I have quite another vision now.

Most of all, I want to say: thank you to talk in a way anybody can understand you.

Your opening talk made me think how my voice could be of some interest to other people.

I've just canceld my last blog to restart from scratch. But what kind of impact to the blogosphere will a non-alpha blogger generate? I could imagine that using comments and trackbacks to aplha-bloggers would be a first step. Just repeating stuff from others wouldn't accomplish anything.

In your interview with Tim Pritlove you said something that keeps me thinking the whole day: Create more voices and argue in public.

Maybe thats the first step...

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