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Currently in rural southern Ireland and unable to connect to my Gmail account.

Problem could be Gmail server overload with so many people on holiday or it could be the slow dial-up connection.

It has been interesting, however, to see how I quickly turned to my blog as a form of communication to reach the outside world.

As someone who is a relatively recent convert to blogging, it reminds me of the adage that once you go digital, you never return to analog.

Having been a sceptic about blogs, I am now a convert. This is a new medium of communication that will be integrated into our lives over time.

In that vein, the BBC had an interesting piece on Digital Citizens.

Exciting to watching the emergence of digital socialization!

Videopodcasting seems an obvious candidate to take off in the next 12 months, but any thoughts on what other new aspects of digital socialization will emerge in 2006?


call it a combination of both - but i'd rather suspect that gmail's suffering growing pains now :)

Thomas, I'm in southern Ireland too (county Limerick) and having no problems with dialup all throughout the holidays. Which ISP are you using? I'm with

Citizens media will pick up -a lot. Take a look at flight 536.

Mobile Technology will become tool of trade(s)

Yes, /pd, the flight 536 story is an interesting one. Seems certain citizen's media stories will become more normal.

FYI: Link to flight 536 blog below:

The most interesting reading of the blog is reaction to the blogger.

hi thomas,

as someone who needs to use dial-up when i visit my family home, i have a similar problem!

once you have gone past the 128K connection speeds, your perception of "slow" takes a leap.

gmail, however, normally works via a dial-up connection, so i would say as suresh says, its probably gmail combined with the dial-up.

welcome to ireland!

Virtual worlds like Second Life and There are to gain much significant user base. In the coming years with the proliferation of gaming consoles combined with VOIP and IP television, it could reach social impact of discovering ''new virtual worlds'' that will be used for business, entertainment, socializing, etc.
Real value will be made out of these worlds.
Wishing to you Joi, and all your readers and friends nice and happy New Year from sunny and snowy Croatia.

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