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I blogged earlier that I had joined the board of my junior high school, Nishimachi International School in Tokyo. Yesterday was our first board meeting. I hadn't been to the principal's office there for over 20 years. We had the board meeting in the library. The last time I sat there, I was probably 3 feet tall. I know from my wrestling weight class that I weighed around 101 pounds at the time. I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland after she drank that potion that made her into a giant.

It was a weird experience talking about my former homeroom teacher who had just retired and looking at the budgets of all of the activities that I was involved in when I was there in 1981. The school seems to be in great shape with a cool headmaster and a good board. Of course I can't influence admissions or hiring, but I'd recommend the school to any elementary or middle school teachers or students who are in, or want to be in a great school in Japan. The school is unique because it focuses on diversity and a multi-lingual environment and I was impressed at the energy that goes into maintaining the perfect balance.

Also, if you're an NIS alumnus and you're out of touch, let me know. We're going to be working on more and more alumni activities.


Why don't you suggest that they open a blog and all the teachers blog and the students are free to comment !!

3 feet tall and 100 pounds?
Maybe you should have gone as Jonkichi...

"I hadn't been to the principal's office there for over 20 years."
Coupla jokes in that line, for sure... ;)

I am now a teacher in an after school program at my old elementary school, and it is definitely really strange...some of the old teachers are there, and I just can't bring myself to call them by their first names, even though we are supposedly peers now.

Have you thought about joining the board for ASIJ? I thought you had fond memories of ASIJ too. :-)

I am sure NIS and ASIJ are wonderful schools . . . if you have the 20,000 USD per year to attend.

Are school blogs popular in Japan? I think it's a great way to connect people and listen to everybody.

am interested in following the inner workings of Nishimachi vicariously.

we just when through jr hi admissions for 12 yo daughter-dual citizen, US and JP
the entrance exam everywhere was really too much, for her and for parents.
she's now in a nearby intl school, but would have preferred NIS. I know their track record.

NIS is a difficult school to enter. My son didnt get accepted. T.T How depressing.

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