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Dagny And Joi Ito Get Jiggy Wid It
Yesterday Larry asked me if I could go to a Creative Commons party with him. "Sure!" I said. "Hamlet Linden has the details. It's at 1PM in Second Life." I showed up in Second Life around 1:30PM and messaged Hamlet who teleported me to a beautiful tree house. Everyone was in kilts dancing. I clicked the play button on the music and my room was filled with the music they were dancing to. I was looking kind of drab in my semi-default gear, so I was quickly handed a kilt. Then I clicked the dance ball and I was dancing around with the rest of them. Soon Larry arrived and talked to everyone about Creative Commons. It was great meeting all of our new friends in such a beautiful place.

See Hamlet Linden's blog for a better post about this party.


Thanks to all who helped contribute a total of L$37,178 to the Creative Commons donation box provided by Pathfinder Linden. All funds are transferred to Lawrence Lessig's Second Life account, and from there sold and converted into US$ that are deposited directly to Creative Commons' official PayPal account. More events to benefit CC will be planned this Wednesday and Saturday; join the Free Culture group to get involved!
Yay! Thanks!


Sounds like a fun time was had by all! I keep missing you inworld, tho... hope to see you *someday* (and I mean that not as indefinitely as it sounds)! :)

sure sign that I'm getting old: this post kinda creeped me out.

Totally sounds like fun!

Joi/anyone else who has a love for Jpn arch. esp. Miyajima-ish impressions you really have to check out (
Matsushima (192,47,20)

*someone* could have messaged *someone*... :p

Would loooove to join your group. We even have the same taste in music ;-P

IM me in-game. Definitely want to get those creative juices flowing.

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