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I am planning an event that will use input from the participants and am looking for suggestions for the cheapest (preferably free) shared document platform.

Wiki? Writely? Anyone with experience using any of these?

Note: I may cross-post comments on the IHT blog and they may be reproduced in the paper for publication.


a wiki might work best for mass-editing.

Take a look at subethaedit too Thomas. ( ) I've used this at many conferences for sharing docs.

SubEthaEdit only works on Macs, but you it does let you edit together in real-time (good for panel discussions where you are collaboratively editing a document). If you do not anticipate that multiple users will be editing the same document at EXACTLY the same time, a free wiki solution that I have used is PBwiki -
It is great if you are OK with the Google AdWords in the sidebar.

A vote for SubEthaEdit - I've used it a couple of times for this purpose and it just rules.

We use Basecamp from 37Signals. They also have a free version of their platform.

I would firmly recommend basecamp too, the free version should be fine - we use it for all we're not event planning and it's the best tool I've personally used.

I recommend Confluence, the enterprise wiki, from the same guys who designed Jira :)

Have you looked at JotSpot wiki? Lawrence Lessing uses it for reader input on updating his book Code and other Laws of Cyber Space.

"I am planning an event that will use input from the participants."

What input? Text? Photos? Music mp3s? Podcasts? Audio?

What participants? On a database you own? Any random stranger? Invitation only? A group blog might work better than any wiki.

Wikis are best for collaboration, where authorized personnel may actually change, correct, modify, enhance, contradict, question, or delete material another has inputed. Is that what you want?

Or do you want to use some online forum to solicit ideas, ask questions, accumulate anecdotes?

I need more info to give wiser counsel.


Would like your comments on my recent post "Baby Blogging is killing the blogosphere", one of my most controversial posts ever. If you get a chance, I'd be honored to receive your input on this.

If you just want to jointly edit a few pages, then jotspot live (a product by the people behind jotspot wiki mentioned by a previous poster) might be sufficent, and it's free.

They also offer a non-free version that allows you to create more pages.


Yes A vote for SubEthaEdit - I've used it a couple of times for this purpose and it just rules.

We are using Social Text for the Enterprise Software Summit and I highly recommend it.

Boy am I late to this party..but I wanted to let you know that the we have launched a service that is specifically for planning events called Planypus ( Think of it as part-wiki, part live-chat or comment system, voting, and notifications via email, phone, rss, etc. Check it out!

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