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Today Elisabeth Shue hosted a Creative Commons screening of Teach by her husband Davis Guggenheim. Davis is a fellow board member of Creative Commons. The documentary is available for download and is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. It is a short excerpt of a longer documentary and is extremely moving. Download it, view it and share it please.

Creative Commons
A Creative Commons-licensed film by Davis Guggenheim

Experts predict that the US will need more than two million new teachers in the next decade. So, how do we inspire today’s young adults to become tomorrow’s educators?

In 1999, director Davis Guggenheim and producer Julia Schachter undertook an ambitious project — to document the experiences of teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In examining the trials and rewards that come with educating our children, the filmmakers created two powerful documentaries: the Peabody Award-winning The First Year; and Teach, a short film created to attract talented and passionate people to the teaching profession.

Teach is available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license and is offered online to the public for free. By using a CC license, Guggenheim and Schachter are allowing people to legally download and share Teach, so that its inspirational message can be easily seen by anyone in the world.

Download Teach via Bittorrent
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Looks cool... I wonder if stuff like this and Steven Soderbergh's "Bubble" simultaneous theatrical/DVD/pay-per-view release are the early makings of a trend, or just some isolated experimentation with new ways to deliver movies?

Speaking of Creative Commons, I just noticed the local police here have released videos of car thieves stealing GPS and hidden camera equipped "bait cars" (think I mentioned the thing for some reason when we chatted in Vancouver) under a CC "Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs" license... it seems like a smart idea as you'd want the videos distributed as widely as possible, since they're supposed to be a deterrant to theft as well. (Also, they're great source material if you ever have to demonstrate the dialect and accent of strung-out uneducated Canadian criminals... :) )

Elisabeth Shue was really hot in "The Karate Kid" and "Adventures in Babysitting."

She was in Karate Kid? I just remember her in the First and second Back to the Future. We're taking nearly 20 years ago, how does she look now Joi? :D

Hi, my name is maria Zuppello and I'm the first Italian reporter getting alone, with a small digital camera, without a crew to Antarctica.
I'm writing from New York where I'm working on a documentary about bioweapons with Danny Schechter. Former CNN and CBS producer Danny won 2 Emmy Awards and he's famous all around the world to be "the news dissector": every day he criticizes the American Media System.
I have been creating a blog about my experience with him
and he still has his own blog
You can write in Italian as well as in English
Keep in touch!

Finally a noteworthy movie using Creative Commons.

Dear Joi and Marcus, using Creative Commons is fine, but that's not what the banner says. It reads: CC presents: This implies that CC is some form of organization and that it has, if not produced, at least arranged a screening and that the CC organization agrees with the content of the film. I find this confusing. CC is a license, not a statement about content. Or am I wrong? Geert

Creative Commons is a license (or rather, a range of licenses, I believe,) ... but check out the URL for the video:

The CC "organization" is certainly endorsing the movie to some degree, seeing as how they're hosting the site.

But yes, it is confusing. CC is a license. Not a producer.

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