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I am considering buying an island on Second Life so I can donate land to various non-profit projects that I'm involved in. I've set up a wiki page for this. I will also probably set up a set for shooting video for video blogging and my TV show. If you're interested in participating in this project or have thoughts, please contribute to the wiki.


That's a very interesting project. I'm thinking about buying a private island and building English School using Video/Audio streaming in SL.
SL is a very interesting communication tool between students and teachers. I can take students to field trips to shopping, skiing and sky diving in SL.
It will be interesting to see Joi island!

I think that SL is good for learning languages.
The main reason is that people tend to be embarassed when learning languages so they hold back what they really want to say. In SL i think that barrier to learning may be slightly eroded for some and a lot for others...
However for advanced teaching nothing beats the face to face conversations or the melodic sound of an italien trittling a beautiful phrase.

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