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Adriaan, who works for me at Kula and is the author of the blog editing tool Ecto and 1001, just released Endo his new aggregator/feed reader. Check it out when you have a chance.

Make sure you try smart groups and don't expect it to behave like a normal 3-pane application. ;-)

More about it on his blog.


Joi - Thanks so much for letting us know about this. This is a super piece of software. Like it a lot in just the first few minutes of use. Wish there was a simple (and obvious) way to import all my feeds from Safari...

Probably also time for me to reevaluate Ecto since Endo is so good.


PS - My WoW days are coming due. I've spent a healthy amount of time on BattleNet slogging through all the kiddies! :) Maybe I'll see you on "the course"

The problem is I LIKE 3 pane applications :-)