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Justin and Merci shot some video for my upcoming TV show and did a on-the-road quick cut of the first night and uploaded it to [Note: Try the YouTube or Vimeo link. The 200MB one will take ages, but if you want to mess with the video, feel free to download.] We'll put up a torrent soon, but you can see some of the people I met last night wandering around Austin.

Thanks for the help Justin and Merci!

UPDATE: Sorry it's a bit large. I thought made smaller versions of it. We'll try to upload a smaller version tomorrow for people who don't feel like downloading 200MB. ;-P

UPDATE 2: I just uploaded an 8.5M version. Please do not deep link this since it is not a permanent location, but I just wanted to save people from having download 200MB+ just to hear us ramble. Also, the credits say "Creative Commons Share Alike", but the CC license used is CC Attribution 2.5 license. (I just realized that I uploaded a slightly older version with crappier sound and the mistake at the end with the license. We'll update this once Justin wakes up. ;-) )

UPDATE 3: The Director's notes:

One evening's interviews with people in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest: Interactive. Here Joichi Ito interviews Eric Steuer of Creative Commons; Wagner James Au, of Second Life; Mike Hudack of; Trei Brundrett with Forward Together (Mark Warner); Doc Searls; Halley Suitt of The camerawork and editing by Merci Hammon and Justin Hall. This is the first experiment taping Joichi Ito's travels and conversations in technology culture.

UPDATE 4: On YouTube and Vimeo.

UPDATE 5: Thanks to Justin and Merci we have hours and hours of excellent footage. They're dumping onto disk now. All of the footage is originally shot in HD format. The uploaded video is a rough cut of just one of the eight tapes or so that they did overnight just to try the "field editing" thingie. Hopefully we'll have a steady flow of stuff as we get more of the footage edited. Stay tuned...


nice video joi,
you are looking a bit wider or is that the 16:9 format?
seriously, good content too, nice clean work, visible and audible.... keep it going!

Haha. Yes. I'm a bit wide these days. I did notice that I stretched the aspect ratio a bit on the conversion so it's probably showing me about 3 pixels too wide.

Oh the devil is always in the details of editing. It is hard to edit in the field, especially if you are actively engaged in the conference. I've tried it a few times, and it's true you always run out of time. But at least you have two people doing it on your behalf. 8 hours is a lot of material, and I can show you travelogues shot on MiniDV consisting of only 5 hours that I still haven't edited after 4 years!

That top10 person at the end doesn't seem to realize that the top10 of anything isn't permanent. Who's going to be constantly updating those listings? Future Harvard undergrads? (And, does Harvard have enough techies to build an automated top10-finding system?)

Kevin -

I think that lady was drunk.

Hi Joi,
Don't forget about lighting!!!

Hey Don - we were rolling fast and light so the lighting was what we could pick up. I've got a lot to learn about using that partiuclar camera - it feels like a whole new language! So I suspect that over time, the footage will improve.

Mostly, I'm eager to see what happens when Joi gets his hands on Final Cut Pro. Remixing madness!

To give some sense of the technical setup we used to film this work, here's a photo Joi shot from his panel, Merci filming Joi and Ryan and Merci filming, close up.

final cut pro that's the way to go!

Apologies to Halley. I did not mean to undermine her opinions. It did seem that she might have had a little bit of a buzz on, though. And that's good!

Halley is always on a "natural high". ;-)

Did I mention that *I'm* drunk right now?

Great film, everyone. It was a real pleasure to see the media work and the pow-wowing of so many enthused people.

I can't believe I was right across the street from Stubbs at Headhunters and didn't MEET YOU!!!! :-(

Merci to Merci and to all of you... Yay!

Very nice video-film !

Cool video. Continue with that. It's direct. I like it.

a comic book on copyright and creativity -- specifically, documentary film. It is being published today --March 15 under a Creative Commons License.

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