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I'm at the Wellington ICANN Meeting and the public forum is just about to begin. There is a webcast. I'm sitting next to fellow board member Susan Crawford who has blogged in more depth about this meeting.


There has been some chatter on the icann irc channel about realtime (or close to) transcript streaming of icann proceedings ... what is your take?

I think that's a great idea since there are real-time transcripts being produced on-site. I've suggested it in the past, but I'll suggest it again. On my way to IRC.

I'll talk to the ladies doing the transcription and see what sort of outputs they have available. I hope that they have more options than just video out.

The reality is that people now have their free trip to New Zealand and are out touring the country.

The photos from the ICANN meeting reveal there is hardly anyone there, except the same old self-appointed regulators who are becoming more and more out of touch with the network community. It is hard to imagine ICANN becoming more out of touch with the net. Since ICANN is a meat-space group that
does not really use the "net", they are out of touch from the start. The damage that ICANN has done to the net can not be measured.

One has to wonder what it is like to sit in front of a largely empty room and "act" like one is doing something important. Only an arrogant fool like Cerf could convince others to do that. One has to wonder what his "end game" is. The world is routing around ICANN and Cerf's ISOC with
better technology. Cerf continues to play the clown in his
cheap three-piece suits.

Rational humans should be given some credit for their good judgement and not wasting time watching ICANN charades.