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I've been deleting a ton of comment spam from this spammer recently. I took a moment to read it and realized that it is, in a nutshell, a kind of weirdly poetic rendering of the state of the Internet today.
cleavage He stared at the clock in the dashboard instead <a href="">backgammon</a> [url=]backgammon[/url] Hi Marty!.
Maybe I'm just punch from too many long meetings...


Yeah man, can you dig?

Hah! I was punch from reading too many spam comments... ;)

My newspapering friends and I got stuff like that in our emails all the time. We called it Spam-ku as in haiku, but yeah..

We would have impromptu copydesk readings while waiting for pages to come back.

I hate the spam and I am tired of lots of spams in my email,so I changed another email address in order to get out of the spams that I have received.

Sorry I just mistaken.I was spamed.I hate to me.
I will be happy my spamed comment are deleted.

There's no cleavage in my dashboard clock. :( Hi Marty!

You spend too much time and effort in moderation, get yourself an anti-spam plugin, or be ready for more poems :D

Here's the confusing thing about spam commments to me...are they hoping that you'll see the link and just randomly click on it? Or, are they just using your page rank? What's the purpose of the program that is doing this?

Spam like that is a growing phenomena with blogs. We've attempted to implement some spam filters, but it's not a perfect solution by any means. There's always more people finding new ways to pass by them. I even saw a guy on rent-a-coder looking to hire someone to write blogspam software.

Random text generators, for spam, are similar to automatic writing, surrealist poetry, and experimental word salad prose.

It's very easy to just bang out some words at random. Any idiot can do it. Human Mind seeks "meaning" and "correct interpretation" of everything, even things that don't concern consciousness.

Thus, we can "see" relevance in chaotic type, word verification letters, cracks in the sidewalk. Taken to an extreme, where everything means something, is called paranoia.

fluid nuisances tell elaborate timings from a flown tardiness in deluge.


Spam Haiku

"To convey ones mood in seventeen syllables is very diffic"