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Have started working with Justin... or rather Justin has started working on editing video. I'm about to learn to use Final Cut Pro and turn this blog into a video blog. ;-)
Justin Hall @
Open Source Physical Objects: Limor Fried and her x0xb0x Synthesizer

Open Source Physical Objects: Limor Fried and her x0xb0x Synthesizer - a conversation between hacker/artist Limor Fried ("Lady Ada") and Joi Ito with Phil Torrone of Make Magazine. Fried talks about her popular x0xb0x synthesizer kits, and the increasing elaborate revisioning of the product that's coming from her users. With Ito and Torrone, she proposes that this is a promising model for "open source physical objects" - extending the permitted hackability of software to hardware. This is an interview from South by Southwest: Interactive, in March 2006; the camera was held by Merci Hammon, the editor was Justin Hall, and Joi Ito was the executive producer - this is part of a series of videos released online from that event under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.


I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a bit of hype in the terminology here. Looks like good old fashioned tinkering has been given a new coat of polish perhaps?

its a real nice interview: i like how bit by bit, one can learn to find applications to this.

Oh, more than that, Chris—Here's someone who set out from the start to make something and make it completely open and expandable, rather than try to reverse engineer come company's proprietary IP, knowing that at any time the company could invoke the DMCA and shut them down. Things are a lot different now than when I was a kid swapping vacuum tubes and building amplifiers. Maybe Heathkit should get back into selling stuff like this.
I wish half my gear was built like this. A lot less of it would be sitting in my basement unused if it were.

As for the video production, why FCP for something like this over iMovie?
I've messed with Final Cut, but for straightforward edits, I could do things much quicker and easier in iMovie than FCP. Sure, FCP is more "pro," but iMovie is pretty damn powerful.

Very nice, Joi. Very cool.

If you're in San Francisco and need a camera and shooter, give me a call. I'd love to help out.


i wish there was a FCP filter to make me not sound like a valley girl. i should have gotten more sleep/less caffeine :(

Jim, I still think this is an old pig in a new party dress, but dont have time to find the citations. Oh and yeah iMovie is really more than enough for lots of projects. There are plenty of good cheap or free plugins for it as well to do things like blue|green screen, chroma transforms and PiP as well. As for fixing audio, one could always separate the audio track and deal with the audio in an external app like GarageBand or Audacity and apply the desired FX or modifications then import the audio back in to iMovie. GB uses AU plugins (tons of free/cheap ones out there) and Audacity can use VST plugins (same as above) albiet with much more effort.

Everybody hates hearing their own voice on tape.
You sounded good.