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Laurie Racine showed me a very nifty site that allows people to subtitle videos in various languages. I SO want my TV show stuff set up like this. It make sense to make the content some sort of derivative works permissive CC license because translations are derivative works as far as I know. The site is called dotSUB.


dotSUB looks really clever. I'm working on a simmilar service. Though .. my site only concentrates on captioning & subtitl'ing media files by way of voice recognition. I think it'll be pretty neat to add an automatic translation engine filter on the transcriptions. thanks for letting the 'rest of us' know about such a neat idea.

Captions and subtitles assuredly are derivative works. You can’t just go ahead and create them without permission, irrespective of how copyright or copyleft you may be. Captioning by independent speaker recognition is not going to happen in our lifetimes.

And no, I don’t agree to license these comments under Creative Commons at all.

dotSUB is working on prototype automatic translation then subtitling from English to Chinese. Dubbing is on our long term radar screen, but we want to get subtitling right and hopefully ubiquitous first.

All films on our site have full permission from the filmmaker/rightsholder, or they wouldn't be there.

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