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I've just uploaded the 50 min special produced by Digital Garage and directed by Hiroyuki Nakano for MX TV (and the Net.) All of the content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. It is a 308 MB MOV file / iPod Video file. This 50 min show is a warmup for a weekly 30 min live show that I will be doing from July. The master is in HD format and I'll upload it at some point.

This show is about Creative Commons and has lots of scenes of me just talking about stuff. It includes a walk-through of my house and is Joi-centric. Sorry. ;-P It's also in Japanese. We're going to possibly make and English sub-titled version. If anyone wants to help, let me know. Since it is CC-BY, feel free to chop it up and do whatever.

Hiroyuki Nakano is a well know director famous for doing the DEEELITE music videos, Samurai Fiction and many other amazing video pieces and it was a huge pleasure to work with him and also watch him get switched on to CC. We tried to figure out the best way to do attribution in video. Thoughts on the icons and format would also be greatly appreciated.

It will air on MX TV 29.April 2006 2100~2155.

UPDATE: If anyone decides to edit it, can you replace the credits at the end with:

Produced by Digital Garage
Peacedeliced by Hiroyuki Nakano
Directed by Shuichi Fujiyasu

I'm going to fix it in the next version, but I'm leaving the current one up there until I do.



Great video... nice to "see" you again, as well.

I really liked your suggestion that Japanese TV should embrace CC... if you look at the sheer volume of "look at the crazy comedy show from Japan" clips on Youtube, etc. it's obvious that they're missing a huge potential market.

Unfortunately, I'm a little hesitant to predict that happening any time soon... after all, Japanese radio stations generally don't even simulcast over the net, which is a mainstay of radio in North America now. (When I did a radio show ages ago in Japan, our producer said that that was because of the difficulties surrounding broadcast rights for the net...)

Joi, while I'm waiting to download this, I noticed that the iPod video link has the mv4 extension rather than the m4v extension. You may want to correct that :)

Thanks! ;-)

Nice pad :-)

i pretty much enjoyed the show, excepting the narrating voices - it was so obvious that they are not knowing indeed what they are explaining.

Welcome to the world of videobloggers! Here's your video feed in Mefeedia:

Is all Japanese TV that prism-esqe, colorized, and flashy?

You mean entertaining, Dan? ;)

Mr. Ito -

Don't know what kind of an assist you're looking for on the English subtitile... I'm happy to, well, type :) I don't know Japanese. But, I can work a timeline like anyone else and spell well. Also, have Final Cut Studio Pro (may not be the environ you guys are working). Offer still stands.

geraldb28 at mac dot com

Dan, that style is Hiroyuki Nakano's style. Part of the reason for some of those effects is that we are broadcasting in HD so the screen is very large. Some of the original footage was SD video and the "framing" was used to expand the size of the screen.

Gerald: Thanks. We're mostly looking for volunteers. ;-)

looking forward to seeing this as I've generally enjoyed Nakano's previous work. S.F. was fun, but didnt stand up too well after the third viewing. More style than substance, though I find this is a common problem with the generation of Japanese directors after the 70s. Irregardless, his style is a good one IMO and I look forward to seeing how he's starting to address your work.

very nice work, and good to see nakano san looking so well and happy (as always), if i find the time i'll have a crack at the sub titles,
keep it going!

Great stuff! thanks!

It would be really interesting to have it in english sub-titled as well!

Or should I start with my jap lessons soon?

no way - you even got the same lamp that I have ! hmmm this world is just too small sometimes and I bought mine at boogi in Hamburg when we moved here! Where did you buy your lamp?

Hi Joi,

I downloaded the video even though I can't speak Japanese. Looks interesting, and I hope that an English subbed version is released at some point.

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