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Jonkichi, the Gnome Mage from Azeroth (WP) often plays Joichi Ito in real life. His photo was recently accepted by the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) as the character who plays Joichi Ito as the associate to the Executive Producer in movie Indian Runner.


Well, the Indian Runner is not in Wikipedia, but I think Wikipedia will get better than IMDb. And one of the reasons is that the photo "has to be accepted by the IMDb". (And I think that this photo wouldn't last in Wikipedia)

And there are cases where Wikipedia is far better than IMDb

Ok, you can find almost every movie in the IMDb, while you can find only a small number of movies in the Wikipedia, but I guess this will change over time, as it is easier to add information to Wikipedia.

1- Tony, what is "better"? Wikipedia is great for looking it up via a web-browser for viewing, but it is totally unstructured data, just a bit of html markup. IMDb is very structured but they don't have an API which makes that data and structure available to the public. Both sites are "useful", neither is "remarkably good".

2-- Joi... surreal. ;)

would this be a reverse paradigm - VirtualLife entiry entering into RealWorld Entity domain ?? After all the IMMB is about movies--correct

that is high-larious!

I'm dissapointed.