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I KNEW people would make creative use of the CC licensed video I uploaded.

The WoW section subtitled. By Kazpah our friendly neighborhood Warlock.

And NO. That's NOT what I said. ;-P

The video requires some quicktime stuff and won't run in many players. If anyone knows how to convert it to other formats, let us know. FWIW, it seems to work in Safari on my Mac, but not in Firefox... and it will take awhile to download.


Hilarious, that subtitled section. I couldn't stop laughing.

I guess I can convert it for PDAs and others, however, for some reasons I can't open the link... perhaps you can send me the file?

I only caught this one now, but I just about dropped dead laughing. (Got a HOT just in time)

Maybe it wasn't what you SAID, but We Know it's what you're thinking...


i have a tools what u need, but i can't find it now, then i will find for u.