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Undercity is a Horde city in the World of Warcraft. A few weeks ago some of our guild members and friends decided to take a field trip to Undercity. We snuck in through the sewers and pwned some guards and a battlemaster. I found the video on my hard disk this morning during the conference so I decided to edit it and put some music to it.

The music is Nebula Dub by _ghost that I found on ccMixter. The song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 license so this video is as well. It's about 5 min. (AVI / MP4)

UPDATE: yeah yeah... I know the AVI version sucks.


Way to go Jon.

Haha. Were they the same guys raiding the Barrens? :P

What a yawn.

Nice footage. I think I might have to go out and pick up a copy of WoW now. :)

the mpeg4 version isn't too hot either, unfortunately. Besides that, sorry Joi, I'm a big fan but that video was a little underwhelming. How do you record though? Do you have a hardware solution or is it done in software?

Nils: Sort of a "you had to be there" thing maybe. ;-P

I use SnapZ Pro.

I think Undercity is one of the better places to visit in WoW. It feels like being inside of a Tim Burton movie.

Nice music if nothing else

yes i have attacked undercity, there is really a acyman there, i hate it. and i know the wow powerleveling is really good.i have make order from return to the theme. if the movie be more clearly it will be better.

cool vedio ^_^

Too bad the video is taken off.