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Ryu Murakami (WP) and I spent the last nine months or so meeting occasionally to chat about Japanese culture, politics, media and the economy. Creative Garage and Diamond Shuppan transcribed our conversation and published it as a book. (You can buy it on The book came out last week and climbed to #6 on the book rankings and is slowly settling back down. (It's #14 at the time of this posting.) That was pretty exhilarating. Having said that, Ryu Murakami is "the name" on the book. Anyway, thanks to everyone who helped on the book and especially to Ryu.

The book is in Japanese and currently we have no plans to translate it.


well congrats to ya!

If'n it had been Haruki Murakami I'da been more interested, but anyways I'm functionally illiterate so it hardly matters.


Omedetou goziamasu Joi !

Oooh, nice title—this is giving me a good reason to dust down my nihongo... : )


Waaa... I got some of Ryu's books. So amazing. I'll have to go re-read Almost Transparent Blue and think of the convo. Perhaps I can get someone in the house to read it and tell me about it, as she translates Crayon Shinchan episodes for me. Congrats!

I live in Colombia and very few books of Mr. Murakami have been translated to spanish. I read him in english, and I would looove to read this conversation. Is there any translation to english of the book?

Has it been released under CreativeCommons licenses?