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I wrote an article about the World of Warcraft for the last issue of Wired as part of the 2006 Rave Awards section. It is now available on their site.


It's a great article! I disagree about WoW being in the mainstream though. I mean, blogs are really just hitting the mainstream now, but they have had to be adapted to the needs of the market. I am pretty sure that the multi-user games are going to have to adapt too, perhaps radically.

Is WoW actually accessible for Deaf people? i.e. does it rely on conversations, sound, or is communication done via text.

The accessibility question has postponed any purchase of this software, thus I would be keen to know.

Sound helps, but you can definitely play WoW with no sound. I often play with no sound.

now that i'm a WoW goldiminer i finally feel satisfied of myself as an artist.

Alison, I nearly always play with the sound off too. The majority of in game chat is text based and only a few guilds bother to have a teamspeak server running so that they can chat (The guild Joi helps to run is one of them though).

After reading that article last week when I got my Wired in, I finally broke down and bought it, even with all my friends telling me not to for fear they may lose me. I saw Joi Ito at SXSW talk about WoW and it took all my will to not get into it after that. I've listed all the reasons why I broke down. I blame it all on you, Joi Ito! Cheers!

Hey, this reminds me -- one of the professors at my school is doing some research into gender and communication in WoW. I thought I'd pass along the survey URL in case anyone is interested:
I'd take the survey myself, but I don't play. It's just a matter of time for me right now -- too much dissertation research to work on. (In that I've just started and have an entire dissertation ahead of me.)

You all should make sure you roll your characters on Eitrigg and join We Know. ;-)

Isn't it sad to loose the 'real' life just for a stupid

Excellent article on WoW Joi.
I read the Wired article and came searching for your blog.
I stopped reading a while back when updates postings slowed down - now i know the reason.


dakto: who lost their real life?

Joi did you see the "Found from the future" photo at the end of that issue of Wired? Look for your name...


We loved the article here at Lime Wire. Actually just posted about it. Nice work!