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The Nokia guys showed me WidSets yesterday. It's a very cool service that allows people to make simple widgets which get sent to your phone and run on your phone. They are similar to OS X widgets and do various things like read RSS feeds, show flickr images for a particular tag, or show a Technorati feed. It's still in Beta, but seems to work well. It works on Java phones so will work on non-Nokia phones as well.

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I have a Nokia E61 that I tried Widsets Wigets on and it works great. I think this service has the potential to be huge. It's probably the best mobile application out there.

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Here's just a few things written about WidSets in July. I'lll have to fill in more later. Mobile Monday interviewed me on July 3rd, and covered quite a lot around WidSets, especially since it happened shortly after we had released Read More

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