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I blogged about the movie An Inconvenient Truth after I saw a screening of it. I think that EVERYONE should see the film. There is now a site dedicated to getting more people to see it. Please take a look and direct people to it if you can.


Hi Joi, if any readers go to see the movie or link to the movie's site and the offer, will give them a free laptop skin. Just follow the instructions.

I remember you mentioning this when I saw you at Metaverse Roadmap Summit. Finally saw the movie last night and here's my suggestion:
Let's arrange to have it shown in Second Life so that we can not only expand the audience but also connect people to take action. I will donate the services of Millions of Us to make it happen.

That is a film that is the 'must see' of the year. It effects everyone and should be seen by all.

Thanks for the ping, Joi.

The forum at Share The Truth is starting to come to life. Right now there is a surplus of donors, which I think is a good thing: it enables everyone to tell others that there is this resource where they truly can get free movie tickets to see it.

And already there is one dad who took his son to see it because of the site, and they ended up loving it (though the dad was initially somewhat iffy). He was inspired so much that he wants to offer the two tickets he got for free *back* to others who might want to see it.

I'm way excited at how Share The Truth is turning out.

Thanks again!