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Loic was lugging a one-man-video setup around when we met in Helsinki. He talked me into doing a conversation so he could show off his gear. ;-) He posted the video and audio on his blog.

Loic has been interviewing amazing people for his blog. Unfortunately for me, the interviews are mostly in French. Maybe he should use dotSUB...


Now you are scaring me

You have meals with your WoW audio in the background ? Murder in my household if I dared such a thing. You have an understanding family.

I use a discrete wireless headset to VOIP walking about at home and the office, and still get murderous looks from family and staff if I interrupt the real world.

With over 1000 hours clocked up on WoW, you should look into surgically embedded electronics, !-). Say a wifi chip, a microphone and a cochlear audio input.

Thanks to Loic for sitting you down and giving us your news.

Joi and Loic, thanks for sharing the great conversation.

Fabulous stuff, Joi. Just blogged it.

Nothing wrong with French! :) Thanks for pointing them out though, I can't wait to see the rest.

As I blogged, you guys stimulated, alarmed and annoyed me in equal measure.

John: That's a good sign. Thanks.

Loic: the french blogs pope ! ;-)