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Thanks to the colossal effort on the part of Nevin Thompson for the translation and transcription and the overtime work by Thor at dotSUB getting this posted, the MXTV show that I blogged earlier is now available with English subtitles. The show was directed by Shuichi Fujiyasu, "Peacedelic'ed" by Hiroyuki Nakano (who just won a Canne Young Critic award this year for his short film "Iron") and produced by Digital Garage. A lot of the video is just about me and stuff I'm interested in, but there is also a bunch of stuff about Creative Commons. Since it's on dotSUB, anyone who is interested can sign up and translate it into other languages. I'm slightly self-conscious posting a video which is mostly about me, but I think that parts of it are very cool and worth seeing. Shuichi Fujiyasu and Hiroyuki Nakano also did a very cool job of annotating the attributions for the attribution license. Of course, this version is also licensed under a Creative Commons attribution 2.5 license.

Anyway, thanks for all the help.

PS : The Nakano films still need more help on the translation if you happen to have time. ;-)



Any chance we will see a direct download on the English subbed version like there was of the original.


It's a lot of work to produce decent video, much less good video, as you have done. Very cool, this you should actually be quite proud of, it's very well done.

I have tried to shoot so many cool things that ended up realyl lame because of lighting, or if the lighting was great, the sound was horrible, or, you know - good video is hell - or a lot of retakes which seems close after a while :)

Chris: dotSUB stores the subtitles separately and they aren't burned in so I don't think you can download it. I will talk to Michael from dotSUB tomorrow and see if we can figure out a way to render a downloadable version.


Worse case scenarios is that if you have a the text file I can just link the two in FinalCut and export the final project together.



I love Nakano-san's films too. I enjoyed watching "Stereo Future" and "Samurai Fiction". If I could learn more on his works, I'm willing to help to translate his works.
I'm a pure Japanese. So co-work with any native speaker would be better. For more details, send your message to me, please.

You can use allavsoft to download dotsub video with subtitles on Mac or Windows

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