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They just announced that the conference is on the record (yay!) but there are no photos allowed (boo!). They cited security reasons. I have a feeling maybe this had something to do with it. (disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the "derivative work")


Is it just me or are "security reasons" a realy convenient excuse to stop pretty much anything you do not like? I'm pretty fed up of this fad.

If they're going to put a stop to sousveillance "for security reasons" they should also put a stop to surveillance as well.

If these people are so important that they can't be 'glogged, then they should also be suspicious of the cameras installed in the building.

If you're going to have security, why lock one door and leave the other one unlocked?

If you're going to lock the basement door, you should lock the upstairs door as well.

Otherwise, the one-sided approach to security creates an imbalance that's ripe for abuse.