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I just saw a screening of the film "The War Tapes", a documentary about soldiers in Iraq by soldiers in Iraq. The director Deborah Scranton is telling the story now. She was asked by the National Guard to do a documentary as an embedded journalist. Instead, she suggested that they give cameras to the soldiers and let them shoot the film. Soldiers were given cameras and she directed coordinated the editing via IM and email. The result is an amazingly candid and real film and it gave me a better view of what it is like to be a soldier in Iraq than anything else I've ever seen. Regardless of whether you support the war or not, I suggest you see this film.

It also gives me another perspective on the soldiers and the spouses of soldiers that I have met in our World of Warcraft guild...

UPDATE: She directed the film by IM and it was edited when the soldiers returned from Iraq.


NPR did a segment on "The War Tapes" a week or so ago. The audio clips from the movie alone was enough to give me pause. Some very raw material.


Powerful stuff.

Now I need to work on that invite to We Know as well.

GypsyWagon is the name and I'm mage in the game.


They keep interviewing the same soldier, though. It's almost just one dude spouting personal platitudes. (which I happen to agree with, but more variety would be good...)

I've not seen the film and I'm not sure if it's a good idea to show the public a dead bodies everywhere.

Thanks for the shout out about the movie! We are relying on word of mouth so every mention helps.

Just a clarification, I coordinated the filming in Iraq (not the editing) via IM and email. Also did many interviews stateside with the soldiers and their families. Tapes on average took 2 weeks to get from Iraq to me in New Hampshire. Five soldiers filmed their entire deployment. Three soldiers are featured in the film along with a wife, a mother and a girlfriend. The film takes place over a 2 year period. The soldiers were all from the same New Hampshire National Guard unit Charlie Company, 3rd of the 172nd Mountain Infantry.

We've done a variety of press, so all of the soldiers have been given many opportunities to have their points of view heard. Again thanks for the mention!

all the best,
Deborah Scranton

Guess my comment posted to this thread a two weeks ago didn't pass muster, eh Joi?

Pectral: I didn't delete anything. Not sure where it went. I just searched for it. Sorry.

Okay, no problem. ;o)

My comment was something along the lines of, "I suppose the war tapes have been screened and approved for distribution by the state sponsored Zionist/JUDEO-Christian international terrorist censors occupying Washington, D.C."

That looks amazing! Sadly, it isn't showing in Houston.

The film, like the “war on terrorism,” is messy and unwatchable at times and full of contradicting messages as you hear and see the thoughts of these volunteer soldiers change (or stay rooted in their beliefs) over the course of 16 months.

I've just watched the movie yesterday! :)
And let me tell ya, when the war is over... this movie is going to be something that we can look back at.