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Jimmy Wales blogs about Campaigns Wikia on his blog today. It's a new initiative of his at Wikia to use wikis for political campaigns.

(Disclosure: I'm an investor in Wikia.)


From the Wikia page: force campaigns to use wikis and blogs to organize, discuss, manage, lead and be led by their volunteers.

Y'all probably know that I'm the first one to see the storm clouds on a nice sunny day, but boy howdy, this sure dont look good! I can just imagine this great idea being derailed by mobs of sockpuppets and Lysenkoist dogooders.

Its a darn shame that participation scales so poorly.

Wikia is looking good Jon. I think this one will pan out.

Joi, seems to claim they're using the GNU Free Documentation License for this wiki. That license is not Free Software according to the Debian Free Software Guidelines. It doesn't advertise its license availability using RDF, and it isn't compatible with any of the Creative Commons licenses, restricting its re-use.

We're creating walls separating two Free content worlds, the GNU FDL one and the CC one. The CC one is designed for interoperability, flexibility, and metadata exchange.

The least Jimbo could do is dual-license the content so it's compatible with Wikipedia and in a modern CC license.