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I've blogged about Continuous Partial Attention. There is a difference between having CPA and multi-tasking. Linda Stone is the person who first turned me on to this concept and now she has a wiki about Continuous Partial Attention. Yay!

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CPA is definitely an interesting concept, and it's made me think about how I work in a completely different way.


I have become quite a fan of IT conversations(I can get close to the edge on a small budget!). I heard Linda Stone talking about this acouple of days ago. Interesting concept.

It is an interesting concept. I think this "stretching attention" to its "upper bandwidth" will be helped by products and processes designed with this in mind. Lifestyle "macros".........

The digital native brain is the hand to the glove of continuous partial attention.

M&C Saatchi tend to think so anyway, they have invented "One word equity". So even when you pay partial attentiton you get the message. :) Funny!

Rock on 8^)