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Socialtext just released their wiki code under the OSI-compliant Mozilla Public 1.1 license. You can downloaded it here. The package is called Socialtext Open, and according to the press release, it is "the first open source wiki with a commercial venture as its primary contributor. Over 2,000 businesses run Socialtext Wiki products today as a hosted service or appliance." I'm on the board of Socialtext and we've been talking about doing this for a long time. Socialtext has always been an open source contributor, but this is a fairly important step forward and a shift in the business model. I think this puts Socialtext solidly on the right side of the open source movement.

Congratulations Ross et all.

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While I'm happy that Socialtext sees the benefits of Open Source, I'm always annoyed by the press releases by companies which try to ignore the existence of other companies out there.

JotSpot claimed to be the "first Application Wiki" in October 2004 while they could not ignore the existence (since I exchanged emails with them in the summer of 2004) of XWiki which is an Application Wiki since February 2004.

Now Socialtext claims to be the "the first open source wiki with a commercial venture as its primary contributor". I'm wondering what XWiki is with XWiki being Open Source since day 1 (February 2004) and our company (XPertNet and being incorportated July 2004.

It would be nice to verify the facts before pushing the marketing a little far.

Joi, why is it that Marc Canter still likes to twist "source code available" with open source?

ludovic: Thanks for the info. I'll talk to Ross about that.

open: I have no idea.