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On Friday, I met John Buckman. He runs Magnatune, a record label that uses Creative Commons. I've been a huge fan of Magnatune and had been looking forward to meeting him. At the meeting he told me about BookMooch which just launched today.

BookMooch is very cool.

It reminds me a bit of BookCrossing, but the approach is different. BookCrossing is a way to leave books for people in public places and allow people to find these books. You get to track your book and has a neat book-as-artifact element.

BookMooch is more systematic. On BookMooch, you register your books and others search for books. You use points to get books that you earn by listing books. Unlike many other used book services, they don't get involved in the shipping and payment. It's peer-to-peer. Of course, if the book isn't available, there is a link to

John is very good at combining clean sharing with business to provide a win-win for the various players. BookMooch and Magnatune both have John's sensibility. I view John as a rare example of a serial sharing economy entrepreneur.


I think this post appearing on Bloglines hit their poor servers too badly... since Slashdot is not involved, should we call it "joitting" or "bloglining"?

BookMooch also sounds very similar to


Who are the most prominent thinkers on the sharing economy?

Global book clubs rock!


Thanks for the heads up on BookMooch-it sounds really awesome! I will be signing up pronto!

I've been using for a while, it's awesome, you can even print the postage to mail the book.


I was just doing a search for Neneh Cherry and strangely came upon your blog! I am a huge Sakamoto fan, and loved reading about your visit with him. I recently interviewed shing02 on my podcast, check it out if you like.

Either way, I have added you to my subscription list.

paperbackswap is terrible. i just canceled my account. interface is terrible. impossible to update your info, including change your address. what a waste of time.