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The Sony mylo ships in the US September 15. No plans for distribution in Japan.

The mylo is a nifty little device that does wifi, Skype (you can hold it up to your ear or use a headset), GTalk (no voice), and Yahoo Instant Messenger. It also has a browser (Opera, no flash), has a photo album, plays mp3 and Windows Media Player music, and plays video formatted in the weird mp4 video format that the PSP uses. (I think. I have yet to successfully convert and play a video file.) I used it for Skype on a conference call today and it worked really well with Skype-Out. For some reason I don't see my contacts list on Skype. The other IM clients seem to work fine (GTalk and Yahoo IM).

The audio and video playback is good. The screen is a bit small but very clear. The device has a speaker on the back which is not stereo, but makes up for it in sound quality. In a relatively quiet room, playing music on speaker works well - much better than most cell phones designed for this kind of use.

It is rumored to be running some flavor of Linux inside. It mounts on your system via USB, but doesn't have bluetooth. It has wifi, but no GSM/GPRS. Definitely a downside, but an interesting twist after using the Sidekick for so long that has GPRS but no wifi. It also doesn't have email. It has about a gig of memory, but you can buy a 4 gig memory stick Pro Duo.

Overall I like it so far. The keyboard is a bit hard to use, but maybe it just takes getting used to. I like the way it flips out. The size is great. It is about the size of a largish cell phone, but much more pocketable than a PSP, DS Lite or Sidekick 3. I wish it had AIM and MS Messenger too, but I can live with Gtalk/Skype/Y!. The media playback is nice, but I wish it were more format friendly on the video. The interface is pretty fast and nice. The industrial design is pretty cool. The white bands glow in different colors for different states. When you are peer-to-peer wifi'ing, it glows orange. When you are connected to the Net in infrastructure mode, it is blue.

I'll post more updates after I play for it some more, but thought I should post this before everyone else got one and diminished the amount of envy I could muster with this post. I was able to get ahold of one though a secret source at Sony who I am not allowed to disclose. And before you ask me if I can get you one, I can't. You can pre-order them on for $349.99.


you got the black one, no less... aaargh!
(how's that for envy?)

May I gripe? Just a bit? How can anyone sell something today as a "personal communicator" without
- address book synchronisation (the address book is the core of the "social network")
- access to as many networks as possible
- a camera
- a weblogging client
- an aggregator

If it does indeed run Linux, at least we'll see it hacked fairly quickly. Not that will change anything. The folks who are so inclined would want to *extend* the platform, not flash it.

Meanwhile, Nokia made it *harder* to write cool Python apps with v3 of S60 (instead of making it *easier* and documenting it further).

Slow going these days on these fronts. :\

I "gave" him my white one too. So he has one of each :P

I "stole" Gen's. Yes. Sorry Gen. Couldn't let someone else beat me to the punch.

Just one question: does it burst into flames?

my tmobile mda has wifi,bluetooth and is 2 quarters old

any word on when this uber-gadget will be released in Europe ?

Yesterday I went to a store here in Japan and discovered the new Sony UMPC, VGN-UX50. Now as all I wanted was a very small PC that would let me get my emails and run Skype and Messenger with Video Conference at any hot spot - I was very impressed. It will replace my lap top for nearly all travel.

Hey there, wow that Mylo looks really tempting, I wonder if it's programmable? I'd like to see if it I can use dvorak on it. By the way, Metric's "Dead Disco" is a fun song :) Glad to see it on your library, along with other goodies like Ratatat and Joy Division!

contact a mr.kurihara and you all can have one too - but only if you know the right guys at Sony! ;)

Live chat on a keitai...I can see AU pulling this off. It wouldn't even be that hard, between two AU phones. A tieup with Skype and they'd have DoCoMo by the kins.

Just a note on the formatting of files for the PSP. I've found two programs that work well.
PSP Video 9:
3GP Converter:

And of course ffmpeg works fine if you use the right parameters.

The mylo is very nice with skype you can also send huge files of any type including resume. The skype phone is far better than anything I have tested. Plus with the built in browser you can get into wifi that needs you to push a button or fill out a small form. Witch the other phone you have to only get on though a OPEN hot spot, very hard to find. Plus you get 1 year of t-mobile internet for free. Yes any starbucks can be used to send files...:_) I sold my laptop because I do not need one with this device. it does it all. No MSN o well. and it does have e-mail if you have a g-mail account....there you go.