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Kazpah aka Catspaw put together a nice promo video for our World of Warcraft guild.

She blogged about it.

PS The voice is AKMA's voice. He's a priest in our guild.


Almost made me wish I was back 'home'. I am having too much fun tinkering though. :-)

Nice video, but copyright violations all over it ;)

Nicely done.

Great intro to the workings of WoW!

They ripped the song from Chrono Cross, Excellent choice in music.

I feel like playing WOW again now, Guess that's tonight activity after work.

Thanks for the video.

unfortunately, google video is blocked in china :(

That was a fun little video! Especially the end with all the dancers. Dancing is always fun : ) Especially in WoW!

And I do agree, excellent choice of music.

The Chrono Cross soundtrack is among the most excellent games music ever written. Yasunori Mitsuda who wrote fifty-four tracks for the Chrono Trigger soundtrack (the other ten written by Nobou Uematsu) and the Chrono Cross music, is one of my favorite composers in the games / anime genre. He composes music for games with all of he’s heart and soul. If the games soundtrack symphonic tour PLAY is still touring the world, please all who read this, get tickets and go listen. It includes works of Yasunori Mitsuda and some other immensely beautiful and in many cases, funny games music sound track songs.