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Steven Levy was an embedded journalist in We Know for awhile as research for an article that he just finished about the World of Warcraft for Newsweek.


oddly enough, after unquestioningly mentioning some pundit's opinion that the horde is antisocial, levy drops the funeral raid anecdote. what he doesn't mention is that it's an Alliance guild raping a Horde funeral.

alliance is primarily for people too stupid or lazy to examine possibilities beyond the defaults.

Man, you think you could stay out of the news for a couple days, Joi? I thought you were talking about keeping a moderately low profile when the whole Horiemon thing went down... :)

That article did seem to miss a couple of things. Though I would disagree with Drew's take on the Alliance. Humanoids are good, mutated humanoid/bull/undead/troll/pig things are bad ;-P

Joi, I'd like to see a blog about we know's aproach to raiding etc, and your aproach to guild leadership, and guild drama.

I just read the article and the comments here and at news week. For me, as always, it’s just great fun to see how serious people react to the article.
A games designer and a world designer has succeed when the players and the fans actually believes that the other side is “bad” or “stupid”. And a game is a success when all seems to love it but can not agree on what the nature of the core and soul of the game really are. That means it has a depth to it.

Being part of the games industry for 21 years, I have to humbley bow before Blizzard and WoW. Great job done buddys!

And for all of us, who enjoy the games and the worlds "out there". Keep that good spirit up and keep exploring the fictive worlds.

Embedded journalism in warcraft and secondlife sounds quite interesting, what do they report on?