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Mark your calenders: On Thursday, September 14 at 5PM (SL/Pacific), (the online home of Popular Science) and Creative Commons will be hosting a special concert in Second Life featuring Jonathan Coulton as well as popular Second Life musicians Melvin Took, Kourosh Eusebio, Etherian Kamaboko, and Slim Warrior. The entire show will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 license, so feel free to record and share it. More information is available on this wiki.
People often say that the Internet destroys community be cause you don't have to go to the movie theater or the concert to watch or listen and just sit in front of your computer. In away, concerts, lectures and screenings in Second Life break that theory because these things once again become a social event where you can chat, emote and dance while watching a concert or a movie.


Maybe if the local theater didn't charge $8.50 for a seat and $4 for a popcorn and $2 for a drink they might actually get more business. They could say that the supermarket is ruining the bars cause you can pick a 30 pack up for less then 3 beers at a bar.

People just have to have something to complain about. Most have no life of their own so they try to use others to fill in their own void

Fun idea!

Novelty and variety are always good for the brain. Second Life is great. Touching people is great. I wouldn't like to spend 70% of my daytime in Second Life.

E-learning hasn't substituted face-to-face classes, but they complement each other in so-called blended learning. And Second Life is in fact helping there too.

CC’s next SL event will feature the winners of the concert’s media contest (October 19 @ Kula). Concert-goers are encouraged to submit screenshots and machinima that “best capture the spirit of CC and the event.” Images and links should be placed on the wiki - Check it out for further details:

People are so attached to their physical bodies!
Granted the interface between our counsciousness and this plane of experience is tightest (currently) in this biological form but really, suspend that for a moment and hey it's all just data!

yes, yes I know... teledildonics... ;)

Boris you took the words right from my fingers.

Joi: whacking on a keyboard to make an on screen character twitch around a few pixels away from another on screen character is not "dancing". I also bet it does not lead to other communal activities which often follow real dancing.