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WITNESS and Global Voices Online just launched the Human Rights Video Hub Pilot. WITNESS has been working for years on enpowering people to make documentaries about human rights issues. Global Voices has been working, initially mostly through blogs, to provide voice to people around the world. This new project is great collaboration between the two projects, bringing the power of video expression to even more people through an online video hub.

I am involved in WITNESS as a recently appointed board member and Global Voices as one of the founding participants. We've been talking about and working on the various unique issues involved in setting up a hub like this for awhile now and it is great to see the first step launched.


(Post on Global Voices | Post on WITNESS )


Great deeds indeed! I really like it! Giving "a voice", a new channel, for these matters, is utterly good. It is necessary and it is essential to do so. Keep up that excellent spirit. You have my full support and respect in this!

"Then, who cares my rights"

"Lee, Bush Call for NK to Improve Human Rights"

It's unfair to talk about only North Korea's Human Rights.

Because, president Lee knows about many victims of criminal acts in South Korea as well as uncountable petitioners are begging for "Stop the MENTAL torture and physical experimentation on humans by unwarranted investigations and persecution by a few Korean prosecutors" see => attached.

Subject: Human Rights

Dear, George W. Bush

My name is Jung Do Kim, aka JD Kim. I'm 69 years old and live in Ansan, Korea. I am a victim of the prosecutorial system that has kept my nation in bondage since the departure of the Japanese in 1945. And it's my second letter(one last year).

My humble request (I didn't have any respond about my request yet)
Would you kindly meet me a few seconds during the visiting Korea. It' just a message to inhumanity. If by any thoughtful chance, you could ask your friend MB to find me(Korean ID No. ******* or an Invitation of Special guestof the 17th Presidential Inaugural Ceremony). If it's worthwhile for both Korea and US.

What's the different between mad cow disease and an experimenting on a human body by a few Korean prosecutors under name of low.(Experimenting?, it's a bit difficult to explain. Because "no man in their senses would do it"-see attached).

I think both matters are concerning of health.
Then, why no candlelight vigil of the prosecutor's an experimenting on a human body as well as the killing of a South Korean tourist at the Mount Geumgang resort by a North Korean sentry?

The candlelight vigil is illegal for the prosecutor's experimenting on a human body?
What if the same accident by a U.S. sentry? 

That's the reason why I am providing this Expose' of corruption committed by a few South Korean Prosecutors for public scruitiny. "It's a shame to report to the international society, but It's a sin when you don't talk about corruption and inhuman acts you know about".

One might think our national president or our law makers would be in charge of our nation's justice, that's not true. I've used all the legal processes and formalities available to me, but our president nor lawmaker's showed any concern about the appeal's by victims of these criminal acts. That's the reason why I'm exposing to the International society and the rights of citizens of the member countries of the United Nations.

What's at stake? Only $500,000,000!!

It's about a Heating Scam in Korea. Over last ten years, in order to protected the related criminal suspect, the following public prosecutors harassed me with illegal arrest, illegal prosecution, denied evidence in my favor, abused their official positions and ignored judicial decisions: Kim, Young-Joon; Kim, Won-Chi; Lee, Sun-Hyuk; Hwang, Un-Young and Joe, Gi-Jae to name only a few. Later, I was found 'Not Guilty' by the South Korean Supreme Court (Case # 2002DO5515), but my cause was useless because the Supreme Prosecutor dismissed all charges pending against those who were suspected of committing crimes against my community and me(case No. 2002hyung14675. etc).

That’s why I demonstrated in front of the SK Supreme Prosecutor's Office to ask them to “Stop the MENTAL torture and physical experimentation on humans by unwarranted investigations and persecution(I,ve received a medal from Gov-1973.  what happen to my patriotism, creative talent. intelligent...Huh??!!) ” Also, I’ve been demonstrated in front Korean Consulate General in LA, March 21st last year. In April, I had a big national flag of korea(Taegeukgi)and under the slogan of "Why am I running at the UN?, For Human Rights". But, I could only ran one day, due to 'the massacre of the Virginia Tech'. I was shame and had to return home next day. Otherwise I was going to Washington DC(About my patriotism of motherland, human rights as well as  Kor-US friendship etc. a native reference is available)

Mr. President!
I'm not asking any more than a few seconds to say "Hello to you". it's just a message to inhumanity. That' all I want. Because, it's not only the prosecutors' wrong doing, but also it's a political reason that they did not exercise 'due process' to protect victims of criminal acts.(more stories => see attached)

I don't think it's an interfere in the domestic affairs of another country. But, as a 'Wisdom of Solomon' What's the public interests of Korea and America(No pains, no gains?).

"US to Keep Addressing NK's Human Rights Issue"
"Hill strongly stress NK's human rights Issue" 
"Bush Orders Reinstatement of Dokdo Status" etc.

Thank you for taking your precious time to read this message.

                                        August 3, 2008
                                        On behalf of the victims of criminal acts.

JD Kim Seoul, Korea 

Mobile phone : 010-7145-5043


Who cares? We are told that Human Rights are recognized in both the Republic of Korea (ROK) in South Korea and in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in North Korea. Human Rights actually do not exist in the DPRK and those who stand for human rights there are never heard from again.

But, in South Korea our government claims to uphold Human Rights. Yet, my experience proves otherwise. In my case, Human Rights were ignored and when I challenged illegal actions by the government, I have suffered the consequences. Thus my plight!

Of course the ROK has become an economic miracle and is joining the advanced nations of the world. However, our government pays more attention to scraps of bones found in import!ed beef from America (current FTA talks), than it does for the Human Rights of its citizens.

I now suffer from insomnia and impaired fasting glucose(one who do not controls of food or not exercise, or stress may change to worse as diabetes). But, through it all I have continued to plead my case. Over the past ten years I have maintained my sanity by jogging. I have overcome my physical stress by running. In October 2005, I ran the 42 kilometer marathon held in Chuncheon, Korea. Maintaining my physical condition has given me the stamina to continue my struggle against the wrongs committed by these undeserving public prosecutors.

The South Korean constitution states that: "All people are equal under the constitutional law." But a weak or lower income person without money will never be treated as equal under the law.

Where can I go for Justice? That's why I'm writing to you and the United Nations. This is where citizens of the world come when they can't get a resolution.

Your thoughtful saying that "Hello" could give significant courage and hope to Korean victims of Human Rights abuse. / JD Kim