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Mozilla Japan will be one of the sponsors of a symposium/salon about open source art on September 24 in Tokyo. Sounds interesting. There is a post on TAB about it, but the basic details are...

DIVVY/dual Project #1 "Is Open Source Art Possible?" Open Salon

2006-09-24 from 14:00 to 17:00

Noboru Tsubaki, Kiyoshi Kusumi, Dominick Chen, Takumi Endo, Hiroo Yamagata


NTT ICC, Tokyo Opera City Tower 4F, 3-20-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1404 Japan
Phone: 0120-144199

There is a related exhibition from 9/18-23: DIVVY/dual Project #1 "Type-Trace"


Is Eyelips open source art? Is Wikipedia?

Is the www...and check also for ideasonair ;-)

Isnt that called "pakuri"?


Art is opensource like science or ideas by nature. It doesn't seem to be the right question. Maybe the content of the conference was giving more insight. I was not able to be there :(((

Is the question closer to "Is it possible to give up authorship on Art?" My answer would be yes at first, but it's not that simple, because we are not in a society where everyone is equal.

I am said to see that this even was in Tokyo while I was there visiting for the Tokyo Game Show. Open source art sounds interesting.

Even though I am one of those who do not think there is a Mozart in all and everyone, and truly wants my DVD film to just have one camera angle and one dialog and one ending and ONE director, I wanted to take part of this debate, and share the thoughts from others.

I Remember clearly when there was, in the beginning of the 90s a interesting debate about new ways of making films and games, where everybody would be able to be their own director and their own game maker.

Call me old fashioned.. but I do not think that all art should be open. Not at all.
I came early to the conclusion that I don’t want to adjust the camera and find alternative lighting, or follow the bad guy, or create alternative plots or become my own director or game maker. I want the intense story that Spielberg intended to give me with he’s JAWS, the beauty and stillness that Miyazaki wanted to share in Totoro, and the share fun that Shigeru Miyamoto gave us all with Mario and Donkey Kong. I really do not want to see some home made ending of Star Wars, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Indiana Jones or 2001, that Andreas from Stockholm just made, or an alternative music from “Heavy Metal fan- Giovani” of Milan in the elven woods of WoW. Or any other example or alterative way of recreate a state of art piece of artwork.

As a piece of joke, a parody or a comment ( or a celebration) to the original piece.. yes it would be great!
But not having the actually piece thorn apart in a total open source that just adds more and more content, and sort of speak, dilutes the original work.
I am not saying that open source art is bad, or dead end. I am just suggestion that a piece or work, that was intended to stay a certain way, should be kept that way, according to the creators meaning and he’s intention. To borrow pieces, to make variations, comments by being influenced, copying and create new things from that is fine, that is what art is about. That is how artists work anyhow. Nothing is new.. all things are just fragrances of the first shapes of artistry and the universal mathematics.

Are we not happy that not all people passing by the Sphinx did add something to that piece of astonishing art and craftsmanship ? Just imagine the looks.. after a few thousand years of African tribes, Romans, Jews, Babylonians, Greeks, French, Brittish passing the poor old Sphinx by. It would look like.. well I do not know.

But open source art that once was intended to become this, is very interesting indeed. I´d like to se more of that. That is truly creative. I think that could become something that could go on to grow forever.. and become the leagacy of mankind, like a huge rolled snowball, that all humans been part of creating. That truly and indeed would be something to put up in space, to send to other potential civilizations, like a cosmic Katamari in real life, a message form earth, to say “Hi .. we are the humankind and this is our ball of creative spirits. What do you aliens like it ? Any comments ? ”.

: )

One day, I might actually make it to ArtFesta in Tokyo. Got there too late in 2004 and had to leave before the May-ish 2005 event.

Yes Open Source art is possible, and not just by enlarging the definition of "art" to include the wikipedia or linux.

The earliest example I know of is the Flame algorithm which was released under the GPL in 1992 and is now widely available and used by many, eg to create the cover of Paul Simon's last album and Stephen Hawking's last book.