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If you'll be around New York City on September 29, please join us at Irving Plaza for a Creative Commons concert presented by WIRED and Flavorpill. The show will feature Mike Patton's experimental pop supergroup Peeping Tom, DJ/producer Diplo, and mash-up/remix artist Girl Talk. Creative Commons' CEO Lawrence Lessig will be on hand to introduce the artists.

This concert is a great way to show your support for our work, as proceeds from all ticket sales will go directly to Creative Commons (please note that ticket price is *not* tax-deductible). Tickets are $25 each (plus service charge) and are available online at Ticketmaster.

The event is a part of Next Music, which kicks off WIRED NextFest, a four-day festival featuring more than 130 interactive exhibits from scientists and researchers from around the world.

Please join us if you can. Again, 100% of the proceeds from every ticket sold go directly to Creative Commons.

WIRED + Flavorpill present:
Next Music
Featuring Peeping Tom (with Mike Patton, DJ Rob Swift, and Rahzel), Diplo, and Girl Talk
All proceeds go to support Creative Commons
Friday, September 29 | 9:00 PM, doors open 8:00 PM
Irving Plaza
17 Irving Place, NYC


what does a guy have to do to get a DJ invite these days? DJ Lay-zay is always ready to turn it out...

Is it just that I'm out of touch or is there a reason I've never heard of these performers?

How annoying,

I am flying over to NYC from London with my band on the 2nd of November. We are going to be playing a couple of shows in Pianos, LES. Its a four day festival. Cool?!

If you around check us out.

Chris_B: My super-hip friends in NYC go bananas for Girl Talk. I like Girl Talk's music, too (I even bought the album). It is awesome mash-up.

OK so I'm out of touch. Actually I dont feel bad about it if their stuff is mash-up. I find that genre to be entertaining for about 30 seconds at a time.

Chris_B: nevermind "out of touch", it's just not your thing. thank you for allowing the rest of us to have our own tastes. Lord knows the world would be a boring place if we were all as cynical as you. ;)

Besides, all art, all culture is "mashup". That's just a novel idea to a society that is shackled under "intellectual property" notions. This goes deep, all the way down to freedom of expression. Perhaps when the entirety of the english language is Trade Marked will the cynics shut up... and listen... (Listen to what? It will all be corporate owned marketing! yay!)

Get yourself some Diplo. Seriously good music.

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