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As many of you already know, Six Apart, which I my company Neoteny is an investor in has been working for awhile to develop Vox. (I'm the Chairman of Six Apart Japan as well.) Vox is still in preview mode, but we're welcoming and asking friends to sign up and give it a try. It's free. I'm actually enjoying it a great deal and have been posting most of my stuff on my Vox site these days. It feels more personal and is a bit more group oriented than this blog. Anyway, let me know if you have any questions and let me know what you think.

Click this badge to get an invite through my landing page.


Interesting. It kind of feels like a grown-up MySpace, which is all to the better.

I started using Vox full-time because Blogger can't come close to the Vox's features, and I was tired of getting plugins, themes, etc. for Wordpress and making everything work. In Vox adding a book I'm reading or pulling in my Flickr photos just work. There are a ton of themes, and they are well designed - the admin interface for Vox is also way beyond Blogger; where Blogger is too practical and simple, Vox's interface gives visual cues, feedback and even suggests a blog post title when you forget to put one in.

I have been giving it a go at Vox and my first post there highlights my first impression. Indeed it has more of a living room feeling to it than another less connected blog that feels more like a display window with a customer counter. Vox somehow invites me to write from a different prespective than say on blogspot. Still... I have not quite yet found my thread there, but I am not about to either give up or abandon that platform. To me the best of all features is the ability to select the level of privacy for each individual post.

I still wish that ecto would support it because I am "addicted" to ecto and prefer using it for all my blogging. Since I am also putting most of my pictures now on I do wish that vox could display those too, not just Flickr and the others that I do not use.

ecto will support it as soon as Vox has support for desktop blogging clients. So far, Vox is still in beta and has no working blogging API support.

Wow, had no idea you were part of the brains behind Vox, i love it so far but need to dedicate more attention to it. I love the QOTD idea, brilliant.

Thanks for the invite. I signed up and tried a bit quickly...I have to say it looks good. Will there be the possibility to do extensions and podcasting/streaming audio/video in the future?

Im late to this convo, but found you through Google, good to know one of the minds behind Vox, I love it!

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