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When I was kid, I lived with my family in Birmingham, Michigan. During this time, a young artist named Masayuki Oda came to stay with us. Yuki studied art at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Yuki stayed in the basement of our house which quickly became my hangout. He was stuck baby-sitting my sister and me. We made him play dungeons and dragons, build our dog house, drive us to the mall and teach us things our parents weren't allowed to teach us yet. We had heard that he was an "artist" but never realized that he would become the star that he became after leaving our home and "going pro". In 1990 he won the Grand Prix at the International Environment Art Exhibition in Osaka.

Yuki makes very large out-door, cool/modern/fun installations that win awards and stuff, but he also makes very cool objects that work inside the house or in the yard. Our homes have always been decorated with Yuki's art until we moved into the rather difficult to decorate Japanese home that I live in now.

Anyway, Yuki is coming to Japan and will be showing his work at Art Planet gallery in Shinkoiwa. (03-5672-0372.) If you're interested in his stuff, please check out his web page and visit the gallery. If you see him, tell him Joi sent you.


Very lovely story! I also can report of a similar situation. My Babysitter also made a big invention and now lives of the licence fees. She had enough time to think about it during the period she was looking after me and my brother.
For me it is really every time a big thing to see that the product she invented (special kind of sunglass) has become very pouplar and everybody wants to have it.

I think this is a bit a similar story. You know somebody and later you see that he/she was a big brain.

Hey, nice story!

I like the Planet gallery in Shinkoiwa: very nice.
Go on with playing dungeons and dragons.
It's still a nice game: I play it for 5 years.