Joi Ito's Web

Joi Ito's conversation with the living web. just pushed an update that just made my day.

There is a new event system including user event posting where you can see who is going to the event. There is a new flash radio player, a "taste-o-meter" and a new downloads area.

I love the "new site smell". Congratulations to the team for a great update.

Disclaimer: I'm an investor in


Huge fan here too. I just looked at the update and can't find any info about iPod scrobbling.. got a link?

Hey Corey, I removed the ipod thing from the post because I just noticed that it wasn't in this update. Oops. Investor error. Nothing to see here, please move on. ;-)

There isn't a link here, but should be happening soon.

Wow, nice update. Is that Flash player embeddable?

I love, they keep on churning out pretty cool features... Can't go without it!