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I recently blogged about some of the issues I have with YouTube. Revver, on the other hand, does two things right. They share the proceeds from advertising with the artist and they've figured out and advertising model that still allows you to download the video. Revver uses a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 license which does not allow remix and derivative works, but does allow sharing.

Creative Commons has launched fundraising campaign with Revver.

Creative Commons and Revver launch Viral Video Fundraising Campaign
Submitted by Eric Steuer on 2006-11-01 01:04 PM.

Today, Creative Commons launches a brand new fundraising model: We're becoming the first nonprofit organization to raise money through online video sharing.

We've uploaded several of our short videos (which explain CC licenses and talk about how the Creative Commons project began) to Revver, an incredibly cool video-sharing platform that uses Creative Commons licenses to help creators make money from their work.

Revver attaches a short ad at the end of each video on its network. When a viewer clicks on the ad, Revver splits the resulting ad revenue with the video's creator. Usually, it's a 50/50 split, but Revver is generously giving Creative Commons 100% of the money our videos make through the end of our fundraising campaign on December 31, 2006.

So, watch our Revverized videos (or help us spread them by embedding them on your blog, MySpace page, or Web site), check out the ads at the end, and help Creative Commons get paid! (Although we want you to watch our Revverized videos so we can earn money, we've also made ad-free versions available.)

As part of this launch, we're premiering our latest video -- Wanna Work Together? -- designed by Ryan Junell (who is also responsible for our Get Creative and Reticulum Rex clips) and featuring new music by Lesser. The video pays tribute to the people around the world using CC licenses and CC-licensed content to build a better, more vibrant creative culture.

In conjunction with this launch, we're also publishing a Featured Commoner interview with Steven Starr, the founder and CEO of Revver. In it, he talks about Revver's origins, its future, and his views on the current state of user-generated video.

For more information about the Viral Video Fundraising Campaign, take a look at our press release.