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I'll be giving a short (10 min) talk about the World of Warcraft at the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco later today. One paper that inspired some of my thinking (and will inspiring a longer blog post soon) is an excellent working paper by John Seely Brown and Douglas Thomas that you can get from the USC Annenberg Center Working Papers site.

Special thanks to Kazpah for helping me put together my slides...


I'm curious about how you connected WoW to the web, given that WoW's not a web-based game. Did you talk about the sites related to WoW, like guild forums and Thottbott, or did you talk about lessons that the web can learn from WoW, or...?

Somehow this comment by Maurice got erased. Sorry!

Look forward to reading it - as i'me stuck here in chilly England.

Liz... I didn't really tie it in directly with the Web. I just talked about what WoW was, what some of the activities were and how it's no longer just "virtual" but blended more with the real world.

is there a replay of talk on WoW?