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I apologize for being too lazy to search around the Internet for a discussion on this, but has anyone noticed that their MacBook Pro has gotten WORSE after the recent firmware patch to FIX issues with sleeping? I find my MacBook Pro getting into this annoying state of fan-whirring insomnia mode where it doesn't sleep, but won't wake up.


It's happened to me before and after the firmware update (on a MacBook). I couldn't say if it's gotten worse, though--it happens very infrequently to me.

I don't know about this specific problem, but in general this is the site your want in your RSS feed:

They are the ones that compile bug reports after each patch so that you know whether to upgrade or not.

Yeah, me too. Before the update. When I shutdown, it goes to the blue screen and keeps whirling it that state until I force a shutdown. Then after I reboot, I have to reconnect my Bluetooth mouse every time. Very annoying.

It definately was worse for me after the firmware update. Eventually, I just sent the whole thing off to Apple support, and they replaced the hinge and logic board.

it was the same for me before and after. I have sleep problems.

my machine simply stays sleeping like a teenager on sunday morning. I find I do little things like use the "eject cd" button to wake it up. in extreme circumstances I hit the power button and then reject the shutdown.

I do not think this is yet a solved problem.

Since getting the firmware update, I no longer take the risk of putting my MacBookPro to sleep. It wakes up like a human now, not fully functional, groggy, leaving me wonder where i can give it a cup of coffee.

I can hear my fan all the time its retarded. I sent it to apple support they fixed it and the problem has started again. Its painful. Please post if you find any help or updates.

Huh. Mine used to this, but the last firmware update fixed it, so far. (Knocks on wood.)

The insomnia problem have been solved by a Swiss Mac website written in French (
To sum-up, the problem came from a bug in Mac OS X's Printer Setup Utility (Applications>Utilities). To fix it, reset your list of printers installed (Printer Setup Utility>Reset Printing System…).

I hope it will solve your wake-up problem too.