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I just sent a bunch of joke gifts to people from Now it thinks I'm a weirdo/nerd who buys Devo hats and obscure programming books. Too bad I don't have any more crazy friends that I need to harass.

So a word of advice to those who plan on sending joke presents for the Holidays. Don't use your main Amazon account. ;-P


You can buy a Devo hat on Amazon? Awesome.

You're right, maybe we should have multiple "personalities" for you to use to give you more control over the recommendations you are receiving. You can undo some of the "damage" by going to your recommendations page, the tab that says "Joi's", and mark some of the weird items as "not interested" (hover over it and a window will pop-up). That will restore some sanity. That page also will explain per item why Amazon is recommending it to you.

Of course a better way is to go to your "Joi's" tab and in the bar underneath there will appear "improve your recommendations". You can then select which items you want to exclude as input to the recommendations engine.

What's wrong with Devo hats? Personally, I want that satellite dish hat from WoW.

that’s the thing about jokes,
one’s cool Devo hats is another weirdo present.
Do you think this is funny:

I would wear that to class everyday!

I like to hear what you say about this article about your experiment on Juuki net safety.

Nob, are you Ikeda-san? Please see: this post. I stand my my position in the letter which is clear and factual. For those of you who don't know Ikeda-san, we've had various run-ins around this topic and have written about it in the past here and here.

It's easy to get to stop using some of your purchases for recommendations. Take a look at

Hey, has it occurred to you that you might just BE a bit of a weirdo? *8^)