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Does anyone know of any good nutrition tracking software on the Mac? I want to be able to enter what I'm eating and have it produce a report of nutrients including vitamins and minerals. There are references with the information as well as nifty packages that keep track of what you eat and chart calories. However, I have yet to find something on the Mac that lets you track nutrients other than calories (and breakdown of calorie type) and a few other basics like sodium. It looks like there is a package for Windows called NutriBase.

Another requirement is that it is metric friendly.

The problem I'm having is that since supplements and diets are such a big business online, online search results are cluttered with spam... *sigh*

I suppose I could run some Windows emulator on the Mac. How good are they? I've sort of stay away from them assuming they would take up too much disk space and CPU, but maybe I should try it...

Anyway, I'll post any findings here and keep looking.

UPDATE: Decided to go ahead and get the NutriBase package and start running it on my windows laptop. Looks great. I wish I had it for the Mac. Maybe this means I need to run Windows on my Mac. Gah...



I did the same search for nutrition software many years ago. My wife was a dietitian and we were looking for tools that would help her with her job. At that time Nutribase was the closest thing we could find to what she was looking for. I think in the end we gave up and she kept doing things the old fashioned way, by hand.

As far as a Windows Emulator for the Mac, if you have an Intel based Mac the Parallels product has been working very well for me.

Before the Intel based Macs came out I tried a couple of the PowerPC emulators and the performance was kind of slow.


Hi Joi,

Aside from running Parallels in Coherence mode, you might try the following nutritional software. From the rare app that I can't find a good counterpart, I use Parallels. For instance, Intuit's efforts on the Mac are very lackluster, so to this day I am still using the Windows version on my Macbook Pro.

Nutritional software:

HealthEngage Diet+Fitness
Diet Sleuth

Best regards and Merry Xmas!

Joe Fung

PS - I thoroughly enjoyed the chat at Mark Anderson's SNS Future in Review conference back at the Hotel del Coronado. A great time!

The best I've used is Calorieking ( and I also use the PalmOS version when I'm out at a restaurant (usually look 'em up in advance).

The software also lets you put in your own foods -- which is useful -- by inputting all the information on the label. This is surprisingly not needed often since their database is huge AND updates are frequent.

My only wish is the synchronization between the Mac and Palm...but that's a nit.

Your previous post, about those of us who are near (or past) the 40 year threshold needing to pay more attention to our health, really resonated with me. I've been playing with a relatively new website that may meet your needs: "". It has the the nutritional database aspect, but also tracks your weight and excercise for you. I haven't explored too deeply, but it appears to allow you to edit and add to the database.

Good luck!

I'm a vegetarian, so I have to balance nutrients out with some care. I have used Diet Sleuth from BlackCat software (a small single person shop - where else can you get geiger counters for your Mac:-)

good luck

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How about for diet software. OSS free software for Mac, Linux, or Windows.