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I am going to be flying on Lufthanza to go to 23C3. If I'm lucky I'll have Flynet (Boeing Connexions) wifi on both legs. It's suppose to terminate on the day I return from Berlin. However... I don't have enough Watts. The Lufthanza seats (as with most airlines) only do 70 Watts. My MacBook Pro takes 85 Watts and My Dell XPS M1710 130 Watts. Arggh! This is so frustrating... If you haven't experienced trying to draw more wattage out of an airline plug, it's a pain. It looks like it's working for a minute, but it will just shut down and the LED turns red when you try to draw too much power.

It may be because of all of the complaining from people like Larry, but Apple released an airline power cable for the MacBook Pro which allows you to plug it into DC Power connectors which most US airlines use. It doesn't recharge the battery and appears to solve the problem. However, this solution doesn't help you on the airlines that just have an AC power outlet. (Most of the rest of the world.)

I wonder if it's possible for the airlines to increase the maximum power on the seats. I sure hope so.


Would a Macbook charger work (at least keep the machine on, if not charge)? They're only 60w.

The MacBook (non-Pro) power adapter is 60W; I believe it's adequate to run but not charge a MacBook Pro, so that might be a solution to your problem.

I've heard both. I heard from one person that the 60W charger doesn't work on the MacBook Pro. I've also heard that it works. Anyone around who can test this?

Well I'm flying the other way at the moment -- Germany to Japan -- and I'm enjoying FlyNet for the first time, and sadly probably for the last time as well ...
Enjoy 23C3 and Berlin!

I travel with two fully charged batteries - usually good for at least 10-12 hours of work. But then I use a Thinkpad X60s.

FlyNet was off on my Bangalore-Frankfurt flight on the 22nd, and it certainly won't be on for my return flight on the 2nd of Jan. :(

Hope to see you at 23C3 (am speaking there on Day 1, 2030hrs), but if I miss you, I will certainly catch you at the Mumbai gig in Jan. :)

I spent about 3 months happily using a Macbook (60W) adapter on my 17" Macbook Pro. It charged the Pro more slowly, but appeared to work great. 3 months in, my Pro's battery had started to be noticeably less effective. Apple graciously replaced it, but noted that I'd gone through the number of full charge cycles they'd expect to see after about 2 years. A bit later on, another Apple tech explained that the 60W charger is likely to blame. So yes, it will work great in the short term, but you'll end up going through batteries a bit more quickly

Suggestion as a workaround. Take the battery out, and boot up plugged in.

Colin: I tried that. It worked for awhile... then. It threw the breaker and had a very nasty shutdown with no battery. :-(


You should be able to use the 60 W adapter with the MBP without any issues. In theory it'll power it just not charge it. As for Colin's recommendation try it with the 60W adapter. It's worked well for me for a few months at work. Didn't even know someone changed out the adapter.


I just heard that the 60W adapters also blow the fuse/breaker in the seats by drawing too much power. :-(

I suspect that's a function of the inverter and not the 60W adaptor. I've been using a 60W adaptor with one of these: without trouble, mostly on AA longhaul (777).

I'm using the apple power cable which seems fine on DC power. It's the non-US planes that have AC in the seats that I think it doesn't working... (Though I haven't tested this myself)

You need an OLPC! Total power usage: 7 Watts if you drop the hammer. Of course, with only 128MB of memory and a screaming 366mhz processor you might have to wait longer to play with photoshop but it will work on airplanes! :D

Christopher: Yeah, that would be perfect. But there are a lot of people who need one before I do... and it doesn't run World of Warcarft. ;-)

BTW, my seat seems to be managing to keep me powered when I have my screen turned down and am not running anything intensive. When I start World of Warcraft, it shuts me down.

I guess I have to work. hehe

Isn't there any way for Apple to add a feature to the power management to have a "flight" mode that didn't draw more than 70W and lowered performance to stay within range?




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