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They have Powerpoint Karaoke at 23C3. Tim said they stole it from somewhere else, but I didn't catch the name.

You get up. They cue up a random presentation. You ad lib it.


I'd love to see a video of this.

I used to play Presentation Bingo... Just as you stand up to take the stage for your presentation at a conference or whatever your colleague / friend / irritating co-worker hands you a 3x5 card with five random words. If you can smoothly integrate all five words into your presentation the players in the audience jump up and yell bingo!

My personal best included Poland, erect, and umbrella (the other two words escape me) during a late afternoon presenation to a sourcing and procurement software user group meeting. The audience usually has no idea what just happened when five or six people jump up and shout bingo. Of course, you just keep going like nothing happened. At 4pm with insufficient coffee flowing in the audience it was doubly funny. is great for playing powerpoint karaoke.

That's a funny thought, vaspers, but please - there's a whole brand of management out there that happily latches on to any wacky idea out there, joke or not. Don't encourage them.

The day that my company starts hiring people based on their ability to avoid preparation is the day I leap from the roof. Interviews are already dangerously close to valuing entertainment over substance - let's not kill quality dead.

As far as I know, it was invented by these guys here, at least that's what they say:

Based in Berlin, Germany, they run a blog called and also released a book called "Wir nennen es Arbeit" ("we call it work") that's been making some waves in Germany recently and that deals with changes in work culture and what the authors call "the digital bohemians".