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I have just entered week five of the six week diet. Last night around 11PM I was humming a tune while walking up a hill to a train station in the rain. I realize that I was very happy in a situation that would have been dreadfully tiresome in the past. As I tried to understand my rather extreme change in perspective on physical activity, I decided I would share some of these thoughts.

Swimming has gone from a chore where I used to make excuses not to go to something that I enjoy so much that I "sneak off" to go swimming when I have a chance. I've also started walking to or taking trains to meetings instead of taking cabs, which used to be my primary mode of transportation. For some reason, swimming, walking and other physical activity are extremely enjoyable.

In The China Study, I remember Campbell citing a report with lab mice (or maybe it was rats) where the mice that were fed animal protein used an exercise wheel less than mice that were fed vegan diets. I don't have the book with me, but I'll update this post later with the actual citation. I also know from my own personal experience that increased activity makes you more active. As I get lighter, the lack of weight puts a bounce in my step that is also quite enjoyable. Whatever the reason, my urge to be active is at a higher level than any time in the past that I can remember. (Having said that, my memory is quite poor...)

As I've said in the past, this is not a controlled experiment. I will also concede that I am obsessive and rather caught up in thinking about health at the moment so I'm probably looking for signs of being healthy. However, I would like to point out that while I can't attribute this energy to one particular thing, I can say that being vegan hasn't reduced my energy levels or made it difficult for me to be extremely happy.

I will post a more thorough review after my six weeks are over. I'm quite sure I will stay on a version of my current diet even after the six weeks, but as the official end of the six week program, I think that would be a more appropriate time for my complete report.


Good going with the "controlled experiment"! It sounds as if it is working really well for you, and I look forward to your looking back at the six weeks, as well as your continued feedback on it.

For me, I have been using and to improve my overall wellbeing, but I always have an interest in how other people are improving their health.


I need to to a diet too. But it's necessary to do some physical exercise too, and in that point I'm reluctant.

Joi - This is SO AWESOME! Congratulations. Maybe you found the fountain of youth :) I am very jealous of your high energy levels. Can you tell me how many calories per day you eat, and also how many grams of protein per day? Are you still taking a multi-vitamin?

I'm taking approximately 1500 kcal / day and my protein ranges between 10% and 25% of my calorie intake. I am obviously only taking plant protein.

...increased activity makes you more active...

That's tautological.

OK OK. The more active you become, the more disposed you become to engage in additional activity. Basically, if you start exercising, you become less physically lazy.

I do agree that this is part of the formula.

Ack - I think my original comment never made it!

I just wanted to say that its real interesting reading about this diet, and I look forward to reading more about it. I also have been doing what I can to improve my health (walking, increasing x, decreasing y), and while for the most part I feel more active I still have a lot more to do! Keep it up!