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CC India launch
I just returned from the CC India Launch.

This makes India the 35th country to complete the porting process of the CC licenses. Congratulations and welcome to the CC World.

India is a very interesting and significant country for us for a variety of reasons. First, it is huge and growing. Huge in terms of knowledge, economy, culture, IT companies and artists. India is also not yet nearly as "infected" with the copyright bug that comes from companies trying to protect their Read-Only Internet. Similar to Brazil in this way, it is possible that India might find CC more natural than countries that already have a culture and legal framework making sharing difficult.

The talks given during the launch were really great. One comment made by Anurag Kashyap, a well know Indian film maker stuck in my mind. He said that he grew up in a small village and didn't have access to movies. It was though pirated movies that he was able to educate and inspire himself and eventually become a major contributor to the film industry. In India, sometimes piracy is the only possible way to get software or content when distribution channels or payment systems don't exist.

Deepak Phatak talked about his work at KReSIT where he and his students are contributing vast amounts of courseware to the commons available under a CC license.

Nandu Pradhan, president of Red Hat India, Lawrence Liang, the CC India Legal Lead and iCommons Board Member, and Catharina Maracke, head of CCi (the international license porting and coordination part of CC) also spoke at the opening. All of the presentations were great and the launch was a big success.

Shishir K. Jha, the India lead organized the event and did an amazing job. Thanks a TON Shishir. Venkatesh Hariharan from Red Hat India took care of all of the press and helped me understand the VC and IT startup world in India. Thanks. I also want to thank Iti Bose and all of the student volunteers who made the whole thing work so well. Finally, thanks to everyone who showed up for the talks and the celebration.

I look forward to seeing even more great things from India.



Good to know that your trip to India went fine!

Much of the piracy in India is attributed to economic reasons. From music to books, anything gets pirated here. CC will bring in the fresh breath of air to us.

I'd have definitely attended this conference... But, unfortunately I'm stuck here in NY.

Can we get to see your presentation please - Google video???

Hmm... not sure if anyone taped the talk. If I find it, I'll post a link.

I would also like a video link, I am in Bangalore and could not make to the talk. Before the event I had posted a request in the CC India blog as well , hope that there is some video that i can lay my hands on.


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