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It appears that I have caught a cold. I think it was the combination of not packing warm clothes and having stronger air-conditioning in India and during the flights than I anticipated.

I have been taking my traditional medley of cold medications since yesterday. They usually make me sleepy, groggy and slightly irritable. I've noticed that I don't seem to be having these side-effects and I'm relatively alert and my mood is fine. Has anyone ever noticed this?


I've noticed this when I take a medicine that my Doctor special orders for me. I think it is called "Placebo". Works on almost everything.

Kidding aside, exercise and diet can make your recovery faster.


I don't know about how well the medication works... I was mostly commenting on the effect on my mood/mind.

I'm on my second week of this diet now and while I've not taken actual cold medicine, I find my general state of being transformed in ways I would never have anticipated. I feel like on mild euphorics all the time. Annoyance and tiredness just bounce off me as if they had somehow now been rendered irrelevant.

So I would not be at all surprised if things like grouchiness side effects (from antihistamines? i get that too) go away or diminish as well. Possibly related, I've noticed I'm less at the mercy of caffeine (either the consumption of or withdrawal from).

I don't want to be one of those people who on and on in a comment on somebody else's blog, but -- let me just say thanks so much for bringing this diet to my attention. I'm not sure yet precisely how it will fit into my life but it's going to be hard to justify going back fully to my previous diet when this so obviously makes me function so much better.

Pär : Nice! Yes, I've noticed that cravings for caffeine have disappeared. If I have lack of sleep and am sleepy in the morning, it seems to only take opening my laptop to wake me up. ;-)

Someone said that the euphoria was lack of energy or something like that, but I'm still in a state of mild euphoria with little bursts of high euphoria when stepping out into good weather or eating a particularly tasty piece of fruit or spice. I'm now completing my seventh week so I don't think it is just the initial shock. It's a good feeling.

Probably like you, I'm planning my long-term scenario. I'm starting by planning my garden this year. ;-)

You don't have to be a vegan to get a cold under those conditions. Travelling around hot areas with or without high humidity and having blasting cold air conditioning gives me the same.

I turn the air con. off or way down.


O. .O

i'm a strict vegetarian (don't eat any animal products, but i do use them) and i just got over the world's worst cold. here's some stuff that worked for me:

make sure you're getting all your vitamins- B12 for faster healing.

reduce inflammation- gargle with salt or dissolved asprin for your throat, use nose spray. this aid blood flow to the affected area and healing

lots of sleep, and keep exercising, even if you have to take it a bit easy. this is why i love yoga- you can do it in a hotel room or even on the plane

also i never use antihistamines, they make me revert into a grouchy, drowsy 4 year-old. on the other hand giving up animal products has made me feel so much better. also i don't eat wheat or refined sugar and my insomnia is gone.
mahalo, brooke